What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much though.
— J.D. Salinger

Non-Fiction Writing:

My non-fiction writing experiences spans from memoirs to self-help to medical texts.  Published non-fiction works have required in-depth content research on diverse subjects such as cardiology, ecology, technology, gaming, and beauty to name a few. Expertise includes memoirs, content research,  self-help and the ability to quickly assimilate content and project objectives and turn ideas into professional published works written with the client’s voice.

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Screenplay Writing:

Need your novel turn into a script ready to be filmed in Hollywood? A lot of people are ready to get their screenplay into the hands of directors and producers, but aren't aware of the stringent rules that are expected to be followed when writing a screen play from formatting to length to style. I am ready to lend my expertise to your idea to make sure your screenplay finds success. I adapt books into screenplays, and I write them from scratch.

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Fiction Writing:

My fiction writing spans both short story and novel writing in a diverse set of genres including but not limited to; general fictions, science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, realistic fiction , steam punk and young adult.  I enjoy reading and writing fiction and bring many techniques and styles to bare upon my work.


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Memoir Writing:

Sitting down to pen your own memoir can be both challenging and overwhelming. Many of my clients have amazing life lessons and experiences to share, but don't know how to get started in writing it down, getting published and sharing it with an audience. It is my job to develop a personal relationship that you can trust to write your story exactly the way you want it told. We work closely together to convey the heart of your story without the added stress to you.

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A series is a set of books along the same theme. Building a series is the number one way to build your brand as an author. Both fiction and non-fiction series keep your name relevant. Let me help you develop your ideas into a fully fleshed out franchise to build your brand, grow your audience and reach your goals!


Polishing, Finalizing and Publishing:

All of my ghostwriting services include interviews, research, writing and editing, so that you have a finished manuscript that is exactly what you had envisioned. Once the manuscript is finished, I continue to work by your side to write a query letter and find an agent or walk you through self-publishing. Read more on my GET PUBLISHED page.

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