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Developing a nonfiction book can be a great way to establish authority within your field, market your brand or services, or simply help or educate people through your knowledge and experiences. Let me help you organize, research and write your non-fiction book to set you up for success.

My non-fiction writing experiences spans from memoirs to self-help to medical texts.  Published non-fiction works have required in-depth content research on diverse subjects such as cardiology, ecology, technology, gaming, and beauty to name a few. Expertise includes memoirs, content research,  self-help and the ability to quickly assimilate content and project objectives and turn ideas into professional published works written with the client’s voice.

All of my ghostwriting services include interviews, research, writing and editing, so that you have a finished manuscript that is exactly what you had envisioned. Once the manuscript is finished, I continue to work by your side to write a query letter and find an agent or walk you through self-publishing. Read more on my GET PUBLISHED and PROCESS page.

Non-Fiction Writing Samples

Health and Wellness

I am laughing to myself as I sit here and begin to write this book. Laughing because the thought of me as a writer is actually hilarious.  I am the girl who failed her college prep paper on Edith Wharton senior year of high school. I left it till the last minute and stayed up all night doing it. It was bad. I remember like it was yesterday, standing in the hallway crying. My best friend will never let me live that one down.  Regardless of my writing skills, or lack thereof, I felt an increasing excitement for writing this book. The truths that I have turned into daily habits in my life are universal and empowering in the face of an overabundance of misunderstood information. READ MORE…


In the dark depths of my attic, lay long neglected photo albums from my childhood. When I muster the courage to flip through their pages, I cringe at the pegged acid washed jeans and the   crimped side pony tail. Yet, beneath the horrifying and embarrassing 80s styling, I see a very happy young girl. A girl who hammed it up for the camera, and who did not second guess the neon leg warmers, even though she probably should have. It is strange to think that same girl is me. I hardly remember what it was like not to be riddled with nagging doubt or feel an awkward self-awareness when making choices. If that young girl could see the adult me what advice would she give? She would probably say; "what is the problem? Who cares? Stop worrying so much”. READ MORE…

Medical Book

 Sitting across from me is Robert. He’s in his mid-40s and is perspiring lightly. I imagine if I were to take his pulse, it would be racing. These telltale signs of stress are common when patients listen to their diagnosis and prognosis from a cardiologist, delivered in what must sound like a foreign language. In some respects, it is a foreign language, saved only for doctors and medical personnel.

Like most of my patients, Robert has never thought much about the health of his heart, despite the fact that it’s a crucial organ responsible for pumping oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to every other part of his body, including his brain READ MORE…


Contradictory to the title of this book I never brag or boast about money or success, but folks tend to listen more intently when they get real numbers. We went from $0 to $1.2 million in sales during our first 12 months. This year, our second year as an eCommerce business, we will have made over $5 million in sales.  We started with less than 200 YouTube subscribers before our first sale, and today we have over 150,000 and are gaining about 20,000 new subscribers per month. We knew nothing about YouTube, online business, or modern marketing. This book will detail the exact process we learned. Now that the numbers are out of the way let's get started. You Got This! READ MORE…

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