Screenplay Ghostwriting 

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Need your novel turn into a script ready to be filmed in Hollywood? A lot of people are ready to get their screenplay into the hands of directors and producers, but aren't aware of the stringent rules that are expected to be followed when writing a screen play from formatting to length to style. I am ready to lend my expertise to your idea to make sure your screenplay finds success. I adapt books into screenplays, and I write them from scratch.

All of my ghostwriting services include interviews, research, writing and editing, so that you have a finished manuscript that is exactly what you had envisioned. Once the manuscript is finished, I continue to work by your side to write a query letter and find an agent or walk you through self-publishing. Read more on my GET PUBLISHED and PROCESS page.

Screenplay Samples

Please note the format of the following sample is not representative of screenplay formatting due to website limitations


 MAN (V.O.)

Everyone else forgets, but I am plagued with the memories. I see it all play out before me as genealogical constellations. 



Full white moon illuminates the darkened city of Paris. A soft yellow glow emanates from various historic monuments; the Acre de Triomphe, the Louvre, the Eiffel tower, and finally the Notre Dame Cathedral. The bells of the cathedral ring four times as the scene descends into the streets traveling through the desolate avenues. Ending on the river Seine. A bridge spans the river with bright lights cutting through the darkness making it appear gold in places. READ MORE

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