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Sitting down to pen your own memoir can be both challenging and overwhelming. Many of my clients have amazing life lessons and experiences to share, but don't know how to get started in writing it down, getting published and sharing it with an audience. It is my job to develop a personal relationship that you can trust to write your story exactly the way you want it told. We work closely together to convey the heart of your story without the added stress to you.

All of my ghostwriting services include interviews, research, writing and editing, so that you have a finished manuscript that is exactly what you had envisioned. Once the manuscript is finished, I continue to work by your side to write a query letter and find an agent or walk you through self-publishing. Read more on my GET PUBLISHED and Process pages.

Memoir Samples

Memoir Sample One

On this particular day, however, it was just me and my brother running around the yard in a way that is unique to young boys with a lot of energy. We lived on about two acres of property in Port Gibson, Mississippi a rural town an hour outside of Jacksonville.

“Billy, Christopher, come inside, right now!” My mother’s voice ran out through the yard from the back door. I looked ominously in the direction of her voice knowing all to well what that particular tone meant. My brother and I didn’t waste anytime making our way to the house, over the stone paved patio, through the back door and into the kitchen in order to avoid anything that might darken her mood further. When I entered the kitchen, my father was sitting at the table leaning back against his chair with his large arms folded across his chest. My mom was leaning against the counter shaking her head sadly. READ MORE

Memoir Sample Two

The vinyl seat wheezed as my brother and I climbed across the booth, my sister and my other brother took the booth across from us while my father sat in a chair at the end of the table. A heavy silence settled over us. My father picked up his menu.

“Figure out what you want,” My father said in his familiar gruff tone. I dutifully picked up my menu and looked it over before quickly deciding on a burger and shake. The waitress interrupted our hush with her jovial greeting, taking our order and promising quick service. READ MORE

Memoir Sample Three

Each of our lives consists of single threads or moments in time, that weave expertly together to create a single tapestry. When you look at only the individual thread, it is difficult to see the importance of it until it has been integrated into the rich story of the whole piece.

I started to see my own strength and courage when I was pregnant with my first child. While most expectant mothers are making lists of baby names, setting up nurseries or getting ready for their baby showers, I was being rushed to the hospital with pre-eclampsia. I had ballooned from a pre-pregnancy weight of 140 to a dangerous high of 290. A team of 26 doctors and nurses checked my vitals around the clock, anxiously looking for signs of a change. There were two doctors in particular in charge of my care. READ MORE

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