If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it
— Toni Morrison

The samples below are to give prospective clients a feel of my writing style.  The writing I do is not limited to the topics, styles or formats these samples present. I can work within whatever style your project requires.  

The following is a sample of a self-help blog post

You are sitting at a round table full of colleagues, your boss at the marketing firm asks for suggestions on how to grab the young adult market. Your colleagues instantly begin brainstorm ideas and shouting out. You have an idea, but when you open your mouth to share it your face flushes red, and you cannot continue. You sit there paralyzed while a little voice In your head convinces you that your idea is stupid and not as good as your colleagues. 


This scenario may sound very familiar and may play out in various forms throughout each day. That nagging voice that clouds your thoughts is what is known as an inner critic. When your thoughts and actions are darkened by self doubt and negative or obsessive thinking, it can hinder your productivity in the workplace or your enjoyment in social settings. In the worst case scenarios, it can prevent you from living a fulfilling life causing depression and anxiety. Your inner critic has an important role to play in your life, but you must be able to keep it in its place. How you handle your inner critic is what can change it from healthy inner guidance to unhealthy self doubt. Changing your inner critic from negative to positive is all with in your power. The first step is choosing to take control and make a difference. If you are sick of having your thoughts consumed by negativity that prevents you from reaching your potential happiness you have the power to change them. You must re-train your inner critic to work towards a more positive you. The inner critic is designed to protect you. However the protection becomes intrusive and even abusive destroying self esteemand making you feel you are not good enough. You are good enough and you are capable of reprogramming the inner critic to work for you.