Non-Fiction Ghostwriting 

My fiction writing spans both short story and novel writing in a diverse set of genres including but not limited to; general fictions, science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, realistic fiction , steam punk and young adult.  I enjoy reading and writing fiction and bring many techniques and styles to bare upon my work.

All of my ghostwriting services include interviews, research, writing and editing, so that you have a finished manuscript that is exactly what you had envisioned. Once the manuscript is finished, I continue to work by your side to write a query letter and find an agent or walk you through self-publishing. Read more on my GET PUBLISHED and PROCESS page.

Fiction Writing Samples


The oppressive heat of the Georgia summer day settled around the two boys by the creek like a familiar friend. The dry wind fell from the trees and whispered through the brown parched grass, gently stirring the damp brown hair on Dillion Mercer's forehead. Using his forearm, which was minimally cleaner then his dirt browned hands, he pushed his sweat soaked hair from his face. Dillon and his brother Derrick had just made their way through town to settle beside the creek. They had passed up the pond, deciding instead to risk fishing at the creek because it was notorious for the biggest catfish in all of Georgia. Cicadas buzzed in the dense trees across the river. The sound fell and rose to a frenzied crescendo to fall again as if the forest itself had a pulse. READ MORE


Lisa stretched out on her over sized bed replaying the events from the previous night. As soon as the old housekeeper had walked into her kitchen, the thunderstorm abruptly departed, and with it the paranoia and fear that had consumed her vanished. She couldn't seem to even remember why she had been so worked up. She felt the madness that lay waiting in the periphery of her mind slowly gaining a stronger foothold. READ MORE


  The hospital hall lights were dim as Maggie’s high healed shoes resonated off the bare white walls. The nurses station stood brightly lit in the center of the ward. A heavy set woman in her mid-thirties sat at the station typing on a computer. Her scrubs, like always, displayed cheerful kittens in bright colors, playing with balls of yarn.

         “Hey Caroline,” Maggie said in a low tone to match the hush of the hospital.

         “Hi Maggie, How’s it going?” Caroline responded looking up from her computer screen briefly.

         “The usual,” Maggie said as she checked the rotation chart that hung on a clipboard on the outside of the desk. She was at the beginning of a double shift to cover for her friend, who had wanted to spend the weekend away with her boyfriend.  READ MORE


I turn the key and the motorcycle roars to life beneath me.  It has been a long time since I felt the thrilling sensation of a powerful engine running through my body.  It transports me back to my youth when I had spent hours on end riding the back of my boyfriend’s hog.  The thought of those carefree summer nights, sneaking out of my parent’s house to drive the country roads brings a smile to my face.  I spare a look for the house I am about to leave behind.  The house I spent 20 years of my life trapped in.  If my younger self had seen me playing the sweet little house wife to a middle aged, over weight, over bearing man, she wouldn’t have recognized me.  Or she would have kicked my ass, deservedly.  Luckily the selling of the old traditional colonial left me enough spending money to quit my job and head off on the road.  Somewhere along the path of adulthood, I lost myself. READ MORE

Young Adult

She stared out her window at the bleak desolation that had once been her home town. The sun shown brightly illuminating in stark contrasts the man made Structures laid to waste making a mockery of the glory once held when humans reigned supreme. She watched a stray line of light glint of a crack ridden window pane clinging desperately to the frame of the burnt out Verizon office complex. The light broke apart upon hitting the pane and scattered into many half multi-colored prisms creating an illusion of dancing brilliance across the blackened brick and twisted metal.  Elise often preferred this landscape to the one that had predated it.  There was a calming peace to the destruction that forced the population to slow down and take notice. READ MORE

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