This is one of the most common questions people ask me when they are starting to think about becoming an author and writing their book. They have been told by ghostwriting companies and other writers that they should show up with an outline of their ideas, notes, research and maybe even a rough draft. 

I am here to tell you that you don't need ANY of that! A quality ghostwriter should be able to work with whatever you have or don't have. If all you have is an idea or life experiences, then it is my job to organize them, outline them and help you get them down on paper.

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Without the experience of being a professional writer for years, it can be overwhelming to even start taking notes on your ideas. I have found that the closer an author is to their own experiences or ideas, the harder it is for them to begin. 

It is my job as your ghostwriter to help you through the entire process from the very beginning while you are still defining the parameters of your project to organizing your ideas to the very end when you have a finished manuscript and are starting to publish. A good ghostwriter will help you feel comfortable with sharing your unorganized ideas and ask relevant questions to pull out the information that they need to create your book. 

The unreasonable preasure of being "ready" before you get started turns many potential authors away from their dream. Don't let anyone else put the breaks on your ambitions. All you need to do is start! 

There is no magical formula that makes a writer. If you write you are a writer. 

AuthorAmber Cross