Often businesses and individuals have a need for high quality written material.  As such, they often turn to cheap pre-packaged help such as o-desk or e-lance only to find the writing is subpar.  Ghostwriters are an overlooked and often little known resource that can provide individualized attention to your project.  When most people think of ghostwriters they either think of the cheesy 1990s TV show or they think of popular young adult series that are churned out of factories.  Yet ghostwriters are highly skilled writers who specialize in wide varieties of formats, genres and topics.  They spend their days adopting the voice and passions of others in order to create the vision of their client.  

When To Hire a Ghostwriter?

Clients seek out ghostwriters for a wide variety of reasons and writing needs.  Sometimes they need a critical eye for the start to a piece and need someone to help see their vision through to completion.  Other times people need a writer because their lives are simply to busy. Whatever the need for a writer, you know when the time is right when you have come to a stand still mentally or with the physical words no longer getting to the page in a way that does justice to your idea. 

Do not look at getting help as defeat, but rather as reinvigorating yourself. Breathing new life into your dreams of seeing your ideas in writing should only be viewed positively. A good ghostwriter will be the support you so desperately need. Finding someone with the necessary skills can prove to be a much needed relief and bring professionalism and focus to your writing.


Some Key Reasons for Hiring a Ghostwriter:



Unlike other types of freelance writers who are interested in your needs only so far as it will get them recognition for their byline,  ghostwriters make your goals, visions and agenda their top priority.  Hiring an experienced ghostwriter brings with it a degree of trust.  Clients can trust their ghostwriters to maintain professionalism throughout the process as well as in the finished product. In order to have a finished product that you are proud to put your name or your companies name on, it may be time to hire a ghostwriter.

Insider Information:

Ghostwriters are well versed in the world of professional writing.  They have worked inside the writing community at crafting words in such a way that readily fits your market audience.  Regardless of if you are seeking out a ghostwriter for SEO web content or the fiction novel that you have been dreaming of, ghostwriters can guide you through the process as a solid support and advocate for your vision without pushing their own agenda like a freelance writer or larger company may. Rather then floundering through the sometimes complicated world of research, SEO, publishing and writing, it may be time to hire a ghostwriter.


While you may have far reaching and in depth expertise in a particular area, getting that expert knowledge on paper can be arduous.  Ghostwriters provide the expertise in writing professional and high quality content.  It is their job to translate your knowledge, experiences or ideas into writing for whatever audience or format meets your needs.  If you are not interested in going back to school, it may be time to hire a ghostwriter.

Time is Money:

One of the most common reason that people seek out a ghostwriter is to save themselves time.  If you are like most people, your job and home life are demanding your attention on a number of tasks at any given moment.  These constant needs allow for very little time to dedicate to writing.  Ghostwriters commit themselves to your project. What might  take you weeks or months or even years can be accomplished efficiently and expertly. If your writing has been sitting on a shelf collecting dust, it may be time to hire a ghostwriter.

There is a ghostwriter working in almost every niche of writing that you can think of.  Some ghostwriters  have preferred genres or formats they work in while others are more flexible to your needs.  If you are not sure if your project would benefit from a ghostwriter your best bet is to reach out to a few to see if they work within your area need.

AuthorAmber Cross